Simple Room Seeking Volunteer Tutors

The Simple Room in Greenville, like all charitable organizations right now have had to be very creative with how they provide services and continue operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the shelter in place order, the Simple Room itself was closed, however staff reached out to their families in many ways to continue to serve them.

Now that school is back in session, Communications Director Lorna Gaffney told WGEL the Simple Room is, too. She said the Simple Room is following the Unit 2 School District’s schedule, splitting students by last name and splitting the day based on virtual learning or in-person learning. Students either come for a couple of hours in the morning or a couple of hours after school.

55 students are currently registered at the Simple Room. They receive tutoring and get some physical activity. Those attending in the morning go home with a healthy lunch. The students who come after school are sent home with a healthy snack.

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Gaffney said while there are many ways you can support the Simple Room, there is one specific area they have a need for people to get involved: tutoring. Volunteer tutors spend a couple of hours a week, based on what works for your schedule. Each tutor works with one to three students. Everyone is temperature-checked upon arrival and masks are worn.

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To volunteer at the Simple Room, email You can also find the Simple Room on Facebook and Instagram.

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