Vote By Mail Proving Popular In Bond County

The November 3 general election is getting closer and closer.

A few weeks ago, all registered voters in Bond County received a card from County Clerk Meg Sybert that can be used to request a vote-by-mail ballot.

Sybert told WGEL she has received many of the cards back from voters. Earlier this week the tally was over 1,200. She emphasized that the cards sent out by her office were applications to vote by mail. So, starting on September 24, she will send a ballot to everyone who sent in a signed card. If you sent one, but voting by mail was not your intent, you should notify Sybert immediately.

Sybert also noted there will be fewer judges at polling places due to social distancing, but she reminds residents that the election is going to be held as scheduled on November 3.

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For any questions about the election and voting, call the county clerk’s office at 664-0449.

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