Assistant GFPD Chief On County Burn Ban


During the past week, Bond County residents have been faced with outdoor burn bans, due to dry conditions and wind.

Greenville District Assistant Chief Jim Sutton told WGEL there are many factors that go into calling a Red Flag Day or putting a burn ban in effect. He said the National Weather Service considers many factors, which gives them indicators for a Red Flag Day. When a Red Flag Day is called, local officials begin to consider burn bans.

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Sutton said there are instances when citations could be issued for improper burning. He also urges people to keep in mind if you start a fire on your property that spreads to other property, you are liable for the damages.

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Assistant Chief Sutton said people should use good judgment when thinking about burning outside, and stay with the fire because if it begins to spread, it will probably move rapidly.

He also recommended that anyone going to burn a large brush or debris pile, contact the sheriff or police departments and let them know. Then, if someone else notices the smoke and fire, authorities know it is a controlled burn.

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