First Christian Ready To Prep Corn Donation

FROM THE GREENVILLE FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH: Approximately 5500 bushels of corn has been harvested for GFCC's Corn Mission Project. The corn was harvested on land provided by Jerry Gaffner and is being stored in bins at Jerome Harper's farm. Soon we will be setting dates and asking for volunteers to help bag the corn that will then be sent to international missions/missionaries to help feed the people in their communities. Thanks to Jerry Gaffner for providing the land, harvesting and drying of corn and to Ty Langham for hauling the grain to Jerome Harper's place.

Greenville First Christian Church has about 5,500 bushels of corn ready to donate for its Corn Mission Project.

Soon, the corn will be bagged and placed into semi trucks, to be taken to the western United States to help the needy there.

Dee Armes, from the First Christian Church, said there is a need for volunteers to help with the bagging process. He said 8 to 10 people are required in the bagging process. He said a truckload can be prepared in a four to five hour work session. Everyone, including civic organizations and area churches, are welcome to participate.

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The corn is being stored at the Jerome Harper farm in Pleasant Mound and that is where the bagging will occur. It will be put into 60-pound bags, transported, then eventually ground into cornmeal and disbursed.

Those interested in helping bag corn can call the First Christian Church at 664-0350.