Greenville PD Sgt. Deb Keserauskis Retiring

Greenville Police Sgt. Deb Keserauskis was recognized Wednesday by Greenville Mayor Alan Gaffner (left) and City Manager Dave Willey (right).

The first female officer in the history of the Greenville Police Department completed her final day of duty on Wednesday, October 28.

Sgt. Deb Keserauskis retires after just over 30 years on the force. She began her law enforcement career at St. Elmo in 1988 and was hired at Greenville in 1990.

She talked to WGEL about being the first female officer. She said bigger cities like St. Louis had a few, but there were none in small towns. She said there is another female who will carry the reigns. She said she was able to complete an internship with the Greenville PD and Kaskaskia College which showed her being a police officer was definitely wanted to do.

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Deb said she was proud to be a police sergeant the past 24 years, and said she has always thought very highly of the Greenville Police Department. She said she was never treated differently than any other officer. She said she’s had a great relationship with other officers and hopes she’s taught the younger officers something.

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Greenville Chief of Police Scott Workman said Sgt. Keserauskis will be definitely missed. He said she’s been a huge asset for the department and is a great person and excellent officer.

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While she will miss police work, Deb advised she is looking forward to having more free time.

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