Miller Seeks IL 15th District Congressional Seat

Congresswoman Mary Miller

Two things are definite in the election for Congressperson from the Illinois 15th District.

The winner will be a female and will be from Coles County.

Two women are running for the position, Mary Miller, Republican from near the village of Oakland, and Erika Weaver, Democrat from Mattoon.

Miller visited WGEL this week and said she has enjoyed being on the campaign trail. She said she has seven children and seventeen grandchildren and she really cares about the future of the state and the country. She said it’s a pivotal point for the nation with the two political parties further apart than ever before.

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Miller said the people she’s visited with have expressed concerns over freedom and the constitution. She said the district is conservative and she believes there are many Trump supporters who want to see President Trump be re-elected and continue with the Make America Great/America First agenda. She said voters also know that economic opportunities need to be brought back to the area.

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The winner of the Congressional seat will replace John Shimkus, who chose not to run for re-election.

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