Renegade Squirrel Takes Over WGEL Studios

With cooler temperatures upon us, WGEL has been enjoying the weather by opening our front door from time to time to let the fresh air in.

Wednesday we noticed a squirrel had found his way into our offices. He made it all the way to the back of our building, just off Third Street, after entering off Main Street. We made a few attempts to corral him out the door, but no luck. After one door was open for a while, we didn’t see him anymore. We checked around as much as possible and determined he’d made his way out.

That is until we noticed him again Thursday on the top shelf of a tall storage unit in our recording studio – on the other end of the building!

That time we were able to help him find his way back outside. He was safely sent back home with the help of Bond County Animal Control Officer Jim Hess.

Little guy gave us quite the adventure! At least he got to hear some good country music and keep up with local news.

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