Weekly Employment Support Group

COVID-19 and the slow economy have affected area residents in a variety of ways with many becoming unemployed or losing income.

The Bond County Employment Support Group has been formed by Elizabeth and Mark Sargis of Greenville.

Both Mark and Elizabeth have been affected by the situation with Elizabeth losing her job, and Mark, an attorney, seeing his business decrease. They want to share their experiences and knowledge to help others.

Elizabeth said the group is designed to help people who have lost jobs, business, or income, or are underemployed. The group will meet Tuesday nights at the Greenville Free Methodist Church through mid-November. You don’t have to attend every meeting to benefit from the group.

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Mark said the goals of the group are to provide emotional and practical support for members, to gain insight and a sense of control, to expand social networks, and to help others in the process.

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Group members share their experiences, encourage each other, share resources, tips and techniques for effective resume writing and interviewing; and discuss use of marketing themselves, networking and social media.

There is no fee to participate. Those interested in attending can just show up at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays at the Greenville Free Methodist Church.

For more information, visit the Bond County Employment Support Facebook page or call Elizabeth at 630-781-7144.