Big Voter Turnout In Fayette County

In Fayette County, there are 13,499 registered voters. A total of 10,126 of them cast ballots in the General Election, as of Tuesday evening. That’s a 75.01% voter turnout.

Fayette County voters cast 8,078 ballots against the proposed referendum to allow changes to the Illinois Constitution concerning tax rates. 1,630 voted in favor of the measure.

For President and Vice President, Fayette County voters favored Donald Trump and Mike Pence with over 79% of the vote. 8,025 ballots were cast for Trump/Pence with 1,815 in favor of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

There weren’t many contested local races in Fayette County.

One Fayette County Board race was contested, for District 4.

Voters elected Republican Douglas Knebel with 946 votes, over the 320 received by Democratic challenger Brian Holliday.

Vote totals are unofficial until canvassed.

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