Bond County Deputies Will Have New Tasers

On Wednesday, the Bond County Board gave its blessing to State’s Attorney Dora Mann to use money from her savings funds to buy new tasers for law enforcement departments in the county.

Mann said board approval wasn’t required for her to spend savings, but she wanted the board’s approval since it would be a significant expense. She said the price would be over $100,000, but deputies have been using old tasers and they deserve to have updated equipment.

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Bond County Chief Deputy Josh Hill said 35 tasers will be bought, 19 for the sheriff’s department, 12 for the Greenville Department, and others for court security officers plus the Sorento, Pocahontas, Pierron and Mulberry Grove police.

Hill reported the cost includes cartridges and addition items for the tasers, plus replacement of used cartridges, training and training equipment for five years.

State’s Attorney Mann said she has funds in savings accounts to apply to the purchase plus she anticipates receiving over $60,000 from a recent seizure on Interstate 70.

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