Council Amends Building Regulations Code

In an attempt to reduce the number of residents who repeatedly violate the City of Greenville’s Building Regulations Code, the Greenville City Council has adopted an amendment to the code.

The change was discussed at the council’s September meeting and it was agreed a problem existed with the code requiring the same due process for each separate violation.

City Manager Dave Willey addressed the situation during November’s meeting, noting it was a problem because all of the requirements involved in enforcing the code, put a great deal of time in between the enforcements that it appears nothing is being done. He said the repeat offender language identifies certain properties that have multiple offenses that never get resolved. Those can be designated as repeat offenders, which would shorten the windows between offenses and gives you a more visible method of getting property maintenance issues cleaned up. Willey said it’s not designed to make money, but rather to get compliance as quickly as possible.

The code now establishes a repeat offender status which reduces the number of days to resolve violations, and allows for more immediate remediation, along with a fine structure, if the property owner does not comply with a court order.

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