Madison County Election Highlights

As of Tuesday evening, Madison County reported a 73.2% voter turnout.

Madison County voters did not support the proposed amendment to the Illinois Constitution concerning taxation. 79,731 cast “no” votes with 43,266 voting in favor.

In the race for President, Madison County voters cast 75,272 ballots for Donald Trump and 43,266 for Joe Biden.

In contested local races…

Republican Tom McRae defeated Democrat Amy Gabriel for the office of Circuit Clerk, 71,215 to 60,509.

Republican Tom Haine received 72,315 votes for State’s Attorney, defeating Democrat Crystal Uhe, who received 59,013.

For County Auditor, Republican David Michael was victorious over Democrat Joe Silkwood, 72,906 votes to 57,695.

In the race for Coroner, Democrat Steve Nonn will retain his seat. He received 69,930 votes, over the 61,082 received by Republican Adam J. Micun.

Republican Kurt Prenzler will serve as Madison County Board Chair. He received 70,539 votes, over Robert Daiber, who received 62,327.

In contested Madison County Board races…

Republican Stacey Pace defeated Democrat DeAnn Rizzi, 3,556 to 2,190, in District 2.

Republican William S. Meyer defeated Democrat Maria Ferrair, 4,395 to 1,676, in District 3.

Republican Bobby Ross defeated Democrat Kelly A. Simpson, 3,744 to 1,819, in District 4.

Democrat Jack Minner defeated Republican Richard Keasey, 3,187 to 1,827, in District 18.

Republican Aaron Messner received 2,215 votes as of Tuesday night, over Democrat Dina Burch, who received 2,190 for District 19.

Republican Denise Wiehardt defeated Kristen Novacich-Koberna, 2,018 to 1,764, in District 20.

Republican Erica Conway Harriss defeated Democrat Collin Vanmeter, 2,732 to 2,383, in district 26.

Republican Heather Mueller-Jones defeated Democrat Paul Rydgig, 3,212 to 1,913, in District 27.

Republican Ryan Kneedler received 2,201votes as of Tuesday night, over the 2,140 votes received by Democrat Jim Trucano.

Vote totals are unofficial until canvassed.

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