Military Moms Sponsor A Hero Program

From the Military Moms of Bond County…

The Military Moms have to do the annual Christmas Care Packages differently this year to adjust to the COVID situation and have decided on a couple options.

First, we are asking the Bond County military parents to do their own care packages and the Military Moms Organization will reimburse the parents for 1 Large Flat Rate Box for those stationed in the U.S. and 2 Large Flat Rate APO Boxes for those stationed overseas.

Secondly, if a service member’s family needs financial assistance to gather Christmas items for their care package, they will inform us of this need and we will then ask any individuals or businesses to Sponsor a Hero.

The business who volunteers to sponsor, can gather items for the care package for a Large Flat Rate Box and the Military Moms will pay for the postage. We will cover postage for 1 Flat Rate Large Box for the military that are stateside and 2 Large Flat Rate APO Boxes for members stationed overseas. This is for Bond County active duty members only.

The packages will need to be mailed before December 1st since packages overseas can take up to 3 weeks.

We can provide a list of items that are allowed to be shipped overseas.

If you are interested in participating in the Sponsor A Hero Program, please contact one of these Military Moms.

Thank you for making the holidays a little brighter for those serving our country and showing your support for our military.

Dianah Kuhl-Troemel: Cell: 618.578.1808 or Email:

Cindy Tischhauser: Cell: 618.304.5519 or Email:

Randi Workman: Cell: 618.972.9804 or Email: