Record Voting So Far In Bond County

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The big general election is Tuesday.

Throughout the nation, many citizens have already voted, and Bond County is no exception.

The Bond County clerk’s office was open for voting three hours Saturday morning and 96 persons cast ballots then.

Through Saturday, 3,197 people had already voted in Bond County, which pleases County Clerk Meg Sybert. At the time of our conversation with her, she said over 30% of registered voters in the county had voted and the number was continually going up.

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Vote-by-mail ballots cast in the county total 1,319 with the other ballots completed at the county clerk’s office using the early or grace voting methods.

Those who are not registered, but want to vote Election Day can do so Tuesday at the county clerk’s office.

The polling places in Bond County and in other Illinois counties are open Tuesday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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