Voters Weigh In On Referendums

Although it is a non-binding referendum, the big majority of Bond County residents voting in the general election favored separating from the City of Chicago.

Seventy-two percent voted “yes” on the proposition. The total was 5,677 “yes” votes to 2,196 “no” votes. The referendum asked should the Bond County Board correspond with other counties, outside of Cook County, and talk about the possibility of separating from the City of Chicago to form a new state.

It was also a large majority of voters who were against allowing the Illinois legislature increase income tax rates on higher level incomes. Opponents feared the legislature would still have the authority to increase everybody’s taxes.

The Bond County vote was 76 percent against the proposed amendment and 24 percent in favor.

Late last night, with 79 percent of the votes counted in the state, 54.6 percent had voted against the measure.

All vote totals are unofficial until the canvas.

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