BCCU2 State Financial Profile Number Holds Steady


During the recent audit report for the Bond County Community Unit 2 school district, it was revealed the district’s state financial profile number has remained the same for the past three years.

Auditor Robin Yockey advised the score remains 3.7, which places Unit 2 in the highest category designation of financial recognition.

Finances have improved because before the string of 3.7 scores, the district had been in the financial review and warning categories.

The latest financial profile number is based on fiscal year 2019 financial reports.

Five key indicators are scored: fund balance to revenue ratio, expenditure to revenue ratio. Days cash on hand, percentage of remaining short-term borrowing ability and percentage of remaining long-term borrowing ability.

The top score for each indicator is four. The auditor said Unit 2 had fours in three of the five.

According to Yockey, the cash on hand score was three, and the score for long-term borrowing ability was two. She noted Unit 2 has about 42 percent of its long-term borrowing ability remaining at this time.

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