Candidate Lottery Determines Ballot Order


The City of Greenville conducted a lottery Tuesday to determine placement of candidate names on the spring election ballot.

This was necessary because when the municipal building opened the first day to file petitions, there were two in line to file for mayor and two for city councilman.

Those mayor candidates were George Barber and Alan Gaffner. The council candidates were Kyle Littlefield and Dennis Warren.

City Clerk Sue Ann Nelson conducted the lottery, as each candidate was assigned a number and paper slips, with one or two on them, were drawn from a container.

The results were George Barber’s name will be first on the ballot and Alan Gaffner second.

For councilman, Dennis Warren’s name will be listed first and Kyle Littlefield second.

There are three candidates for mayor and councilman. For mayor, they are Barber, incumbent Gaffner and Zion La Grand. Councilman candidates include Warren, incumbent Littlefield and Ivan Estevez.

Mike Heath decided not to seek re-election for councilman.

The election is April 6, 2021.