City Renews Doty Sanitation Contract

The Greenville City Council has voted to remain with Doty Sanitation to provide trash pickup service the next five years.

Doty currently has the city contract for garbage and recycled materials pickup. The contract ends June 30 of next year.

Instead of going out for bids, City Manager Dave Willey recommended to the council that the city renew the contract for five years at a 15 percent increase, as is set in the current contact.

Willey told the council that he looked at the existing contract and compared it to similar cities around Greenville. He said he believed if the city went to bid, they would likely see higher rates than the $2 increase with Doty. He said Doty isn’t perfect, but he hasn’t seen a refuse contractor that is. He said Doty has done a reasonably good job, has quality equipment, and has been responsive to issues.

Click below to hear his comments in full:

The council voted unanimously to send a letter to Doty to exercise the option and extend the agreement at the 15 percent increase for residential and commercial accounts.

Doty will continue to pick up recycled materials.

The new contract and rate would go into effect July 1, 2021.

Councilman directed Willey to ask Doty that no orange-colored totes be used in the city, and see if collection efforts could begin at 7 a.m. instead of 6 a.m.

They emphasized a desire that those two requests not get in the way of the contract being extended.

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