DeMoulin Museum Preparing For 2021

What promised to be a big year for the DeMoulin Museum fell short of those expectations due to COVID-19. The museum was closed twice this year due to COVID-19 restrictions implemented by the State of Illinois, from March 16 to June 5 and again from November 20 until further notice. These closures led to the postponement of the DeMoulin Museum’s 10th anniversary celebration in March, the cancellation of several group tours, and the loss of two fundraisers. The museum finished the year with 200 visitors, around 800 less than the yearly average.

Although it was a disjointed year, it didn’t come without a few highlights. The first of these was a surprise visit in early March by actor David Eigenberg and his son. The star of the television series Chicago Fire was on his way to St. Louis and decided to check out the museum based on an on-line review. Another memorable event was the unveiling in October of a new outdoor display of bricks honoring past and present employees of DeMoulin Bros. & Co. Over fifty bricks have been sold with orders continuing to come in.

Organizers of the 10th anniversary celebration anticipate that event happening in late spring or early summer 2021. This will include the banquet and related activities. Those with tickets to the banquet are encouraged to hold on to them. Additionally, businesses and individuals that were sponsoring the celebration will continue to do so. An announcement will be made when a new date is established.

Two other major milestones will be observed in 2021. The first is the 150th birthday of U.S. DeMoulin, one of the original brothers who founded the company. U.S. was born October 3, 1871. A special observance will be held to mark the occasion. DeMoulin Museum curator John Goldsmith has announced that Goat Tales, a compilation of short stories on DeMoulin history, will be released in 2021. Goldsmith had previously published Three Frenchmen and a Goat: The DeMoulin Bros. Story in 2004. “This will not be a sequel to the first book, but a compilation of some of my favorite factory stories plus some tidbits I’ve learned over the past 16 years,” Goldsmith explained.

Those with questions may call the DeMoulin Museum at (618) 664-4115 or email

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