Fire Chief On Roof Collapse, Entrapment

A house fire, west of Greenville along Mt. Zion Road Saturday afternoon, not only destroyed the home, but also led to firefighters being trapped briefly when the roof collapsed.

The Greenville Fire Protection District received the first alarm, and requested assistance from the Mulberry Grove, Smithboro, and Shoal Creek districts.

Two firemen were trapped then quickly rescued.

Greenville Fire Chief Dennis Wise told WGEL about the tense situation. He said when the call came in for a roof collapse and firefighters missing everyone’s heart stopped for a minute. He said crews made their way to both of the trapped firefighters within seconds. One had to be dug out from some debris and the other was stuck behind a glass patio door. Wise said it was panic mode for a few minutes until the call came that both had been recovered. He said the trapped firefighters were separated when the collapse happened and each of them was more concerned about the other than their own safety.

Click below to hear his comments in full:

A third firefighter sustained a cut to a hand and required stitches, according to Wise.

Everyone in the home, when the fire broke out, was able to safely escape.

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