GU Officials On Students’ Post-Thanksgiving Return

Questions have arisen regarding why Greenville University decided to bring students back to campus after Thanksgiving during the pandemic.

Due to a partnership with the University of Illinois’ Systems SHIELD Program, data gained from more than 20,000 saliva tests, conducted on the Greenville campus, provided information for administrators to make decisions. Students and staff have been tested at least once a week.

President Suzanne Davis said testing prepares students to seek treatment, isolate quickly and reduce COVID spread. She added the college population is rarely symptomatic, and testing is done consistently to reduce spread to vulnerable populations.

Samuel Owusa, from Davidson College, which did college reopening research, stated Greenville University is a bit of a success story in that it was able to defy the odds and bring students, who wanted to come back, to campus.

At GU, there is testing, social distancing, the wearing of masks, and the wearing of bracelets, red, yellow, or green, to designate distancing comfort levels.

Out of about 20,000 tests, Greenville University had 94 total unique positive cases.

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