KPD Board Takes Care Of Financial Matters With Director

The Kingsbury Park District Board met last week and took care of past financial matters with Park District Director Jerry Sauerwein.

Board President Barb Smith advised the district owed the director back pay and bonuses. It totaled $6,145. $3,000 of that amount was for bonuses.

Smith indicated since the back pay and bonuses were in the past contract, the board did not have to vote on them.

She added legal counsel advised if they were not paid, the district could be held in violation of the contract. Smith said the attorney’s opinion was these items were written in the past contract and Jerry is due the money up to November of this year.

The bonuses were for starting at least two programs, getting at least $10,000 in donations or grants, and having at least $10,000 in cost savings for equipment and projects.

Board Member Scott Crothers questioned the total on grants and donations.

Smith stated the bonuses have been eliminated from Sauerwein’s new contract.

The park board purchased a sound system to be used during meetings. The cost is $8,160. The district will use federal CURES Act money, available because of the pandemic, to make the payment.

The system will provide better audio when the meetings are broadcast via Zoom.

The board made two transfers. One was an internal fund transfer of $3,400 from capital expenses to legal fees.

The other was to cover a shortage in the bonds and interest fund. Sauerwein explained the district will not receive its final real estate tax payment until early 2021 and there is a shortage in bonds and interest.

The board transferred $13,400 from the general fund to the bonds and interest fund.

When the tax money is received, the general fund will be reimbursed.

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