Local Physician On County COVID-19 Situation

By invitation, Dr. Kelsey Hopkins visited the Bond County Board meeting Tuesday morning to give his perspective about the local coronavirus situation in the county.

Dr. Hopkins practices at Greenville Family Medicine and he reported for the month of November, 25 percent of those tested had positive COVID-19 results. He said his office did 260 tests in November and 65 were positive. He said they only tested people who exhibited symptoms. He also said activity is ramping up.

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Dr. Hopkins urges residents to wear masks. He said wearing it properly is key and it is important to cover your nose with the mask, not just your mouth. He said he knows masks have been a point of contention, and he knows they’re not convenient, but the reality is that, with few exceptions, they should be worn from a social responsibility and public health standpoint.

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Dr. Hopkins said COVID-19 is a complex situation and those with coronavirus symptoms need to seek medical help.

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