Sager On COVID Impact At Hospital

At the recent meeting of the Greenville City Council, HSHS Holy Family Hospital President and CEO Kelly Sager was invited to speak about how COVID-19 is affecting the facility’s operations.

Sager mentioned the hospital’s daily census was between four and six when she first arrived about a year and a half ago. She said the census now runs between 12 and 16. She said those numbers fluctuate and only a fraction of those are COVID-19 patients.

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The hospital CEO commented about how Holy Family is handling COVID-19 patients. She said early on, the hospital held back from keeping those patients. She said that decision was the right one to make as it made Holy Family stronger to be able to help the community in a different way in the second wave. She said some patients need to go on for an extended level of care to another facility, but the Greenville hospital is able to keep varying levels of COVID-19 patients. She said the facility is well-positioned with personal protective equipment.

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Sager said health professionals in Bond County have gotten better at handling the virus as more has been learned about COVID-19, and believes they are prepared to handle the rest of the pandemic.

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