Unit 2 Board Adopts Tax Levy

The Bond County Unit 2 Board of Education has adopted a levy for Bond County and Montgomery County real estate taxes to be collected in 2021.

By a vote of 5-1, the board approved a motion to set the levy based on a possible increase in equalized assessed valuation of 13 percent. Laura Wall voted “no” and Dr. Edmar Schreiber was not present.

The levy, without bonds and interest, is $8,374,700, which is an increase of $637,700 from last year’s levy.

The board conducted a truth in taxation hearing, at which time Vice President Randi Workman read from a prepared statement, pointing out that it is not uncommon for school districts to request more than they believe they will receive as they must make the request before they know what their needs will be for the coming year. Workman said in the spring the county clerk will calculate the actual amount the district is eligible to receive. If the district has requested less than it is eligible to receive, the clerk will not adjust the levy. If the district has requested more than it is eligible to receive, the amount will be reduced to correspond to the actual entitlement.

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Superintended Wes Olson also talked about the levy before it was approved. He said officials don’t know what the EAV will be or what expenditures will be. He pointed out expenditures don’t usually go down, but rather typically go up. He said the recommendation was to adopt the higher EAV estimation due to the potential for budget shortfalls in terms of state revenue next year.

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This past year, Unit 2 received $180,000 less than it levied in taxes.

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