Vacancies Keeping KPD Board From Doing Business


The failure to fill vacancies on the Kingsbury Park District Board is keeping business from being conducted.

Earlier this year, two board members resigned. Three individuals expressed interest in being on the board, but no consensus was reached regarding appointments.

Monday night, the park district board was to hold its December meeting.

Only two of the three members were in attendance, via zoom, so the meeting could not be held.

KPD Attorney Jeff Mollet said the board is in a difficult situation with only three board members. He said in that situation state law mandates all three members attend a meeting to have a quorum and that all three members must approve any action taken.

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Barb Smith, board president, and Louanne Theiss were in attendance. Absent was Scott Crothers.

The board has to approve its tax levy so it can be filed with the county clerk no later than Tuesday, December 29. Jerry Sauerwein, park district director, said failure to approve the levy would be financially devastating to the district.

President Smith expressed her frustration with the situation, noting that with Crothers absent, no action could be taken in approving previous meeting minutes, warrants, or the levy. She said the board is in a very precarious position, unable to function without all three members present.

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The board can still fill the vacancies, but any motion would have to be approved by the three members.

An election will take place April 6. At that time, there will be two four-year terms on the ballot and two, two-year unexpired terms.

The four-year positions are now held by Theiss and Crothers.

As of Tuesday, two individuals had filed petitions to be candidates in the spring election. They are B.J. Schneck and Lynn Ulmer. The filing period ends Monday.

The park district board’s December meeting has been rescheduled for Thursday at 6 p.m. via Zoom.

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