City Police To Use Body Cams


The Greenville City Council has approved the purchase of body cameras to be used by the police department.

Twelve body cams plus equipment needed for their operation are being obtained from Axon Enterprises in Arizona.

The total price is $34,577 which includes license costs.

Greenville City Manager Dave Willey told the council a donation from the Bond County state’s attorney’s office, and the hopes of receiving a grant, make the body cams very affordable. He said the city has been looking into the possibility as the use of body cameras has become more standard and as the price has dropped.

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State’s Attorney Dora Mann indicated her office will contribute $16,250 of asset seizures from court cases.

The city will seek a camera grant of $8,388.

The city would then have to pay $9,939 over a five-year period.

Councilman Kyle Littlefield asked the city manager how the body cameras will be used.

Willey said their research shows almost all departments using a policy that as soon as there is a radio call to police officers, the officer responds on their radio and then turns their camera on. He said they would stay on until the end of whatever the incident was. Willey said they are used anytime officers interface with the public.

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Willey believes it will take more than a month for the body cam equipment to arrive.

The city manager also commended State’s Attorney Mann for recently providing funds for law enforcement agencies throughout Bond County to receive new tasers.

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