Mayor Talks COVID-19 Assistance During State Of The City

Greenville Mayor Alan Gaffner

During Tuesday morning’s Greenville Chamber of Commerce State of the City/New Faces program, Mayor Alan Gaffner spoke about COVID-19 assistance Greenville residents and businesses have received.

He noted the city created four programs while the state offered three. The city ones pertained to utility billing, the motel tax, non-monetary business assistance, such as providing outside tables and chairs, and a COVID-19 grant/loan program for businesses. All were designed to help those affected by coronavirus.

The state programs were the Downstate Stabilization Grant, Hospitality Grant and Paycheck Protection Program.

Mayor Gaffner commented about the success of the programs. “Following 10 months of challenges and the impact of COVID-19, I am both pleased and proud to report that the state of the City of Greenville remains very strong,” he said. He discussed the city’s dual initiative to assist businesses and residents, noting seven programs have been utilized in those efforts. Four of them were self-funded by the city. He said 200 residents and businesses received approximately $151,000, which was totally funded by the City of Greenville.

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The city’s utility billing program saved individuals and businesses about $43,400 plus $4,334 of unpaid balances have been written off, primarily for rental properties. The motel program returned $31,992.84 to the four motels from March through August of last year.

Through the grant/loan program, 18 businesses received grant funds totaling $54,000 and eight businesses received additional loans totaling $16,000.

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