New Ambulance Service In Effect For Bond County

As of New Year’s Eve night, Rural Med has taken over as the ambulance service provider in the Bond County Special Service District.

The service has set up in a building along East Harris Avenue in Greenville, which used to be the location of a roofing business.

Ethan Bouser from Rural Med told the Bond County SSD Board the first few days have been busy.

Click below to hear a portion of his comments to the board:

HSHS Holy Family Hospital had been the ambulance service provider with the SSD owning the ambulances and some equipment.

Board Member Wes Pourchot reported at Tuesday’s meeting the county got the vehicles back Monday. He questioned if all of the equipment was back.

Board Chairman Adam Boudouris said he would check with the hospital. Bouser said work is needed on each ambulance to get them ready for use. In addition, disposable supplies and various equipment are necessary.

The SSD pays for the ambulances, repairs and equipment. Disposable supplies are to be furnished by the ambulance service.

According to Bouser, equipment needed will cost about $15,000 per ambulance while disposable supplies will be another $10,000 per unit.

It was agreed Rural Med should proceed with getting the ambulances “road ready.” Bouser did not have an estimate how much that would cost.

The SSD board members also favored including the county’s ambulances in Rural Med’s ambulance maintenance plan. Rural Med is in operation in Fayette County and follows the maintenance plan for its units there.

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