New Pharmacy Coming To Greenville


The City of Greenville has announced that a new pharmacy has plans to locate in Greenville. Bond County Pharmacy will operate in the previous floral department of Capri IGA, with a target opening date in late February.

Renovations will begin soon and include the addition of a drive‐up window and awning on the north side of Capri IGA in order to offer drive‐through service.

Scott Borntreger, pharmacist and owner, said “We were not looking to expand, but there exists a great opportunity to offer an independent pharmacy to serve Greenville and Bond County residents, and we look forward to bringing a premier level of customer service, unique offerings, immunizations and local delivery to Bond County Pharmacy”.

Scott has over 30 years of experience and partner Darryl Tjaden has over 50 years of experience with independent pharmacies. They also own Cain’s Drug Store in Vandalia and Harry’s Pharmacy in Auburn, IL.

Bond County Pharmacy will also offer some familiar faces. Registered Pharmacists Maggie Krumwiede and Nicole Elam have over 18 years of experience in serving residents of Bond County.

Bond County Pharmacy will be part of the Health Mart network. This will allow Bond County Pharmacy to remain independently owned, while also being part of a national network to help level the playing field with large chains, which provides savings to its customers.

Mayor Alan Gaffner commented, “A number of Greenville’s largest employers were without local pharmacy benefits for their employees following the recent closure of one of Greenville’s two pharmacies. As a result, it became necessary for these employees to travel outside of Greenville and Bond County to purchase prescriptions. With the local opening of Bond County Pharmacy, a greater number of prescriptions can be purchased in Greenville, keeping those dollars in the community, and saving the time and expense of driving out of town.”

“The City of Greenville welcomes Bond County Pharmacy to Capri IGA and the community,” the Greenville Mayor concluded. “As the New Year begins, the availability of these pharmacy services and related products is an important economic development addition for the community. The convenience of having food items and medications in the same location combines two important needs.”

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