Another Scam Impacting The Area


The Bond County Sheriff’s Department is warning residents of a new Amazon-related scam impacting area residents.

It looks as though the call is coming from a local number and upon answering the call, you get a recording that tells you your Amazon account has been compromised by someone that has charged $729 to your account in Dayton, OH. It tells you to press 1 to speak with an Amazon rep to clear up the matter.

Upon pressing 1 you’re told they are able to clear up the matter with some information from you.

Sheriff’s officials remind you DO NOT give them ANY information.

As of mid-day Thursday, the Bond County Sheriff’s Department had received 3 of the calls on their office phone. At one point the scammers also said they were calling from Apple.

The sheriff’s department encourages you to be on alert for scams. If you are contacted by a company you deal with regularly, make sure you are certain you know it’s them before giving personal information.

If you have a feeling a call or letter is a scam, there’s a good chance it is. Do not give out any personal information, hang up and do nothing else.

If you feel that you’ve given personal information by mistake, contact your local law enforcement agency.

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