City & County Providing Warm Shelter Assistance

Greenville Mayor, Alan Gaffner, and Bond County Board Chairman, Adam Boudouris, have announced warm shelter assistance for City of Greenville and Bond County residents during the predicted extreme cold temperatures and conditions. The warm shelter assistance is available for individuals and families of all ages.

Those needing either a short – term or long – term warm location, should call 911, the Greenville Police Department, or the Bond County Sheriff’s Department. 911 dispatchers, the Greenville Police Department, and the Bond County Sheriff’s Department will work with Allan Davis, Bond County Emergency Management Director and 911 Coordinator, to find or provide a setting which is safe from the harmful temperatures expected through February 18.

A short – term need for a warm location could span a number of hours while furnace repairs are completed, or frozen pipes are thawed. Long – term shelter could extend for a period of days as a result of circumstances or situations where heat or water will not be available.

The frigid temperatures are predicted over multiple days.

“The most important services provided by local government are public safety, public protection, and public health,” Greenville Mayor Alan Gaffner stated. “The welfare of residents is threatened and at risk without a warm environment and running water for sanitation, which can be negatively impacted by temperatures at or below zero. There is no charge for the warm shelter assistance.”

“If first responders or Emergency Medical Technicians are aware of those needing shelter from the cold temperatures, they are also welcome to contact 911 and local law enforcement agencies to make arrangements for assistance,” Bond County Board Chairman Adam Boudouris commented. “Severe cold temperatures can quickly cause frostbite, and be life threatening.”

“This cooperative effort between the City of Greenville, Bond County government, Greenville Police, the Bond County Sheriff’s Department, and the Bond County Emergency Management Department is intended to bring together the agencies and resources responsible for front – line action in times of need, disasters, or weather events,” Mayor Gaffner said. “With snow, wind, and blizzard – like conditions expected, conditions can quickly become dangerous.”

“Neighbors and family members are encouraged to perform safety checks during these days of harmful, cold temperatures,” Bond County Board Chairman Boudouris indicated. “A wellness visit or phone call can provide protection for the elderly, or those at greater risk during extreme winter weather.”

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