MG Village Board Revises Ordinance & Codes


At its February meeting, the Mulberry Grove Village Board approved revisions to its golf cart ordinance, and codes for manufactured homes and rental properties.

The trustees officially passed the golf cart change, which had been discussed in January. It allows carts, which have a permit from the village, to be driven at night, as long as the unit has working lights and blinkers.

Regarding rental properties, in the past they had to be inspected annually. The change makes inspections required when someone moves out of the property and before a new renter moves in.

On the manufactured home code, the village will now allow double-wide manufactured homes to be rented or sold. The code had prohibited them from being rented.

This does not pertain to single-wide mobile homes.

The board approved the bid of Brian Cook Construction of Mulberry Grove to build a loft in the northwest corner of the village’s maintenance shed. The cost is $1,743.

The board received information from Village Employee Gary Redfern about the replacement of water lines in the village. Redfern said the project is underway, and talked about obstacles that have been encountered by the contactor.

Trustees purchased a new pump for one of the village’s lift stations. The cost is $3,750 and village employees will install it.

Village Police Officer Bobby Stief asked the board to purchase a voice recorder he can use for interviews. Since it was not on the agenda, the board could not officially vote on the request, but the price of the recorder, $59.99, is low enough that Mayor Cherie Henson can approve it.

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