Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity In Murder & Arson Case

During a bench trial Monday afternoon in Bond County Circuit Court, Jeremy Tedrick, age 37 of Pocahontas, was found not guilty by reason of insanity of two counts of attempted murder and aggravated arson.

Circuit Judge Christopher Bauer advised upon consideration of the evidence presented by the state, along with the exhibits, he believes State’s Attorney Dora Mann met the burden of proof that Tedrick committed the crimes.

Tedrick’s attorney, John Abel, asked the judge to rule his client as being insane at the time of the crimes, based on a report submitted by a psychiatrist. Abel told the court the defendant does not remember anything about the incident “due to paranoid delusions and conspiracy theories.”

Judge Bauer ordered Tedrick be transferred from the Bond County Jail to a facility of the Illinois Department Human Services on an in-patient basis.

The department will determine what mental health services the defendant should receive. The judge will make the final determination if Tedrick will be released.

The case will be reviewed by the court at least annually as long as he is in a secure facility.

On August 15, 2019, a fire occurred at the Pocahontas home of Tedrick’s father, Scott.

The attempted murder charges alleged Jeremy Tedrick attempted to confine his father inside a burning residence, and repeatedly struck his father about the head and body. It was also alleged the defendant set the house on fire when he reasonably knew or should have known his father and a female were inside.

Jeremy Tedrick was living in the house with his father.

State’s attorney Mann presented into evidence the three-foot long tree branch Jeremy Tedrick allegedly used to strike his father multiple times. The father was taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries which included a swollen eye, broken nose and broken ribs.

When presenting stipulated evidence, Mann said while the house was burning, the father attempted to get out through the front door, but was pushed back inside by the defendant who allegedly stated, “Sorry, you have to burn. The flames will cleanse you.”

The house was destroyed by the fire. The state presented evidence that an investigator determined multiple fires had been set inside and outside of the home.

A dog was found dead in the bathtub. State’s Attorney Mann advised the court an autopsy had been performed on the dog and it was determined the dog had been killed prior to any smoke or fire exposure.

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