Snowy Day & Night In The WGEL Listening Area

From the National Weather Service: We have another bitterly cold day on tap. Dangerous wind chills will persist this morning with values as low as 15 to 25 below zero. The wind chills will improve this afternoon as temperatures warm but highs today remain 30 to 35 degrees below normal. Remember frostbite and hypothermia can result in under 30 minutes if you are not prepared for the bitter cold. If you must be outside, wear multiple layers of clothing, wear a hat and gloves. And please don't forget your pets – this extreme cold is dangerous to them as well.

Crews were out through the night tending to roads throughout the WGEL listening area.

Local law enforcement agencies responded to numerous motorist assist calls for stuck vehicles and handled several accidents throughout the county. Some involved injury. One of the accidents, near the 50 mile marker of I-70 required first responders to divert traffic off of the interstate for a time Monday afternoon.

The Clinton County Sheriff’s Department alerted residents last night that tow companies in the area were unable to take any more calls until this morning. They said many vehicles were stuck in drifts in roadways, many of which were unable to be accessed.

Area fire protection districts are asking for help from residents. With the drifting snow, if you have a fire hydrant near your house, you are asked to make sure it is not covered in now. If able, you are asked to please clear 3 feet all around the hydrant to make their jobs easier in the event they need to use it, helping to save valuable time in a potential emergency.

The National Weather Service reports the Greenville area has received seven inches of snow in the last 24 hours.

While there is no snow in the forecast for today, one more day of bitterly cold temperatures are expected. While it will be warmer Wednesday, with temperatures expected in the low-20’s, there is more snow expected Wednesday. At this point the National Weather Service says the storm system is uncertain, but the chances of accumulating snow Wednesday are increasing.

Stay tuned to WGEL for all of the latest weather information from the National Weather Service.

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