Unit Two Board Discusses Athletic Facilities


The Bond County Unit 2 Board had a discussion Tuesday night about improvements to athletic facilities.

High School Athletic Director Joe Alstat has proposed a public campaign to fund several items such as placing artificial turf on the football field, and providing lights at the baseball and softball fields. There has also been the mention of a possible alternative gymnasium at the high school.

During the board’s discussion this week, members were not ready to make a financial commitment to anything. A motion was approved to table the matter until further data could be obtained.

It was a consensus of the board that Alstat could seek input from the community regarding such projects.

Board Member Brian Zeeb commented that when talking about these athletic projects, the board is looking at wants and not needs. He said he supported Mr. Alstat’s efforts to gauge community interest in a fundraising project, but did not want the board to make any commitments.

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Board President Dr. Edmar Schreiber said Joe wasn’t looking for a “certain dollar commitment”, but rather wanted to know if the board supported the idea of allowing these kinds of projects to go forward. He said a defined financial commitment was not where the process was at this point.

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Superintendent Wes Olson suggested the board might want to form a committee and/or possibly survey the community.

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