Unusual Call For Greenville FPD

Greenville Fire Protection District firefighters responded to an unusual call Tuesday morning.

The fire was in the left front wheel of a car.

Assistant Fire Chief Jim Sutton said the driver pulled out of her garage, after putting a blanket down for the dog. Somehow the blanket got caught in the wheel of the car and the motorist kept driving without knowing it.

According to Sutton, after driving about three miles and reaching Chicago Street in Greenville, the driver noticed smoke.

He said friction caused heat build-up in the wheel and blanket and apparently started the fire. The assistant chief advised the driver had a fire extinguisher and tried to put out the fire. Two police officer arrived at the scene and also used fire extinguishers.

Sutton reported firemen were able to finally get all of the fire out. He reported fire damage to the car appeared to be minimal.

The alarm was received at 8:16 a.m. and firemen were at the scene about 25 minutes.

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