$1,243 Raised For Meals On Wheels By Rounding Up At IGA

Capri IGA Manager Tyler Adams presents a check to Bond County Senior Center Director Jill Ohnesorge

The Bond County Senior Center was recently the benefactor of the Capri IGA Round Up at The Register program for Meals on Wheels.

The program was for two weeks during March.

Senior Center Director Jill Ohnesorge said Meals on Wheels received $1,243, which was a big help because March was a difficult month for the Center. 96 people are served through the Meals on Wheels program each day. They receive either a hot or frozen meal Monday through Friday.

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Ohnesorge said the senior center just came off a time of being closed due to a COVID-19 quarantine situation. She said Monday, March 29, was the first day the senior center resumed operations. Ohnesorge noted the recipients of Meals on Wheels were still able to receive “shelf stable” meals during the closure.

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For any questions about the Bond County Senior Center call 664-1465.

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