County Board Discusses Use Of Courthouse Grounds


The Bond County Board discussed at its last meeting the use of the courthouse grounds by a group known as New Illinois.

The request was made by Christine Shrewsbury, chairman of the Bond/Fayette County New Illinois Committee.

The local committee is part of a statewide organization which has a goal of forming a new state, separate from the current one, to address urban vs. rural, small town and suburban divide.

The state group is putting together grievances, which will eventually total 40, as reasons why a new state needs to be formed.

The local chapter wants to read grievances from the steps of the Bond County Courthouse or some other spot on the grounds. Two dates per month, on Saturdays through November, were presented to the county board.

The board voted unanimously to require the committee to request one date at a time for an event.

Board Chairman Adam Boudouris said he wasn’t a fan of having a running total of dates every other week. He said it should be approved as a one-time use and if the group wanted more dates, they should approach the board again.

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Shrewsbury wrote the committee will have a member read the grievances and others from the group will likely be present.

The board approved the request with a tentative date of March 13.

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