Despite Warnings, Fire Crews Respond To Numerous Field Fires

A Greenville Fire Protection District Truck struggles through the mud in battling a field fire.

Despite emphatic pleas from fire officials to avoid burning activities Monday, fire crews throughout Bond County were kept busy responding to controlled burns that got out of control and other field fires.

Smithboro and Greenville firefighters responded to a field fire on Old Woburn Ave., west of Newport Road in Smithboro Monday at 3:30 PM.

Smithboro and Greenville crews responded to another field fire in Smithboro at 4:16 PM, this one in the 1300 block of Gun Club Road.

The Smithboro department was called out again Monday at 6:28 PM for a field fire in the 1300 block of Newport Road.

Shoal Creek firefighters handled a field fire on Sunnyside Avenue near the cemetery in Sorento. That call came in at 6:41 PM.

The Greenville Fire Protection District responded to a fire along Millersburg Road near the intersection with Stubblefield Road at 8:47 PM.

In a Facebook post, the Greenville department shared an illustration of just how wet the ground currently is, due to recent winter precipitation, but at the same time, just how dry the vegetation is.

The dry vegetation, combined with unusually warm temperatures, low humidity, and south winds, make ground fires exceptionally dangerous as the flames can spread quickly.

Greenville fire personnel report that trucks responding to field fire scenes, even those specially equipped to get into fields, have had difficulty reaching the fires before getting bogged down or even stuck in the soft ground.

Fire officials remind you once again to avoid any type of burning during these dry conditions until everything around begins to “green up” with the spring.

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