EF-1 Tornado Confirmed Between St. Jacob & Highland

The National Weather Service has confirmed a tornado struck the area between St. Jacob and Highland as part of Saturday evening’s storms. The tornado was rated EF-1 with an estimated peak wind of 90 mph. The length of the tornado path was 5.3 miles. Damage along the path was intermittent, suggesting the tornado touched down and lifted several times.

This photo of Saturday’s tornado activity near Highland was taken by Rachel Haberer

The National Weather Service reports the tornado first touched down north of Saint Jacob, along Marine Road where it toppled several trees and partially tore the roof off a large metal shed. The tornado then likely lifted briefly, but then touched down again intermittently along Lake Road. The tornado did minor roof and siding damage to many homes along Lake Road, and also toppled several trees and snapped a power line. The worst of the damage was to a large metal shed that was completely destroyed and the roof was lofted into nearby trees and pushed hundreds of feet down the street. In addition, a 2×4 from the roof was driven straight into the roof of a nearby building. The tornado then likely lifted briefly, before touching down again and doing additional damage to large trees in a neighborhood along Papin and Paris Street.

Additional significant damage was noted to the south of the tornado path, likely associated with a strong surge of the rear flank downdraft. This damage, with straight line windspeeds nearing 90 mph, included two large barns that were destroyed, along with some large trees that were toppled in a concentrated area across two neighborhoods off of Poplar Street.

SOURCEGraphic courtesy of the National Weather Service
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