FNB Makes National Reading Month Donations

FNB's Bill Walker with Sorento School principal Amy Jackson (l) and librarian Carol Gerl (c).

In honor of National Reading Month, The FNB Community Bank has made donations to area school libraries for the purchase of books.

Each of the 10 libraries received $300.

The program began in 2018 at Pocahontas School, and has now been expanded to include Greenville Elementary, Greenville Junior High, Mulberry Grove Elementary, Mulberry Grove Junior/Senior High, Pocahontas, Sorento and Patoka schools, Ramsey Elementary and High schools, and Vandalia Elementary.

Mike Radliff, president and CEO of The FNB, said “The importance of developing young readers struck a chord with many of our employees, and we’re happy to see our donations were extremely well received.”

Patoka School library clerk Nicole Cain (l) with FNB’s Stephanie Herrin.
FNB’s John Goldsmith and Bill Walker with Pocahontas School librarian Tina Tompkins.
FNB’s Jen Lay with Ramsey High School library clerk Samantha Eller (l) and Ramsey Elementary library clerk Linda Koonce (r).
FNB’s Heather Richardson (l) with Mulberry Grove Junior Senior High and Elementary library clerk Lindy Zeeb.
FNB’s Bill Walker and Courtney Dalman with Greenville Junior High principal Gary Brauns (l) and library clerk Mindy Jefferson (c).
FNB’s Bill Walker and Courtney Dalman with Greenville Elementary library clerks Rebecca Nehrt (c) and Judy Barbey (r) and principal Eric Swingler (far r).
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