Haynes Honored For 60 Years With DeMoulin’s

DeMoulin Museum Curator John Goldsmith with Grace Haynes

Grace Haynes of Greenville was honored by the DeMoulin Museum Sunday afternoon for her 60 years as an employee at DeMoulin Brothers and Company.

During a brief program at the reception, Museum Curator John Goldsmith made the announcement that Grace will be permanently part of the museum. One side of the museum was previously named for Ken Henry and now the other part of the museum will be named the “Grace Haynes Embroidery Room”.

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Jeff Leidel spoke with Grace after the program. She said her favorite memories all have to do with the people she’s worked with, who are all special to her. She said many people she hadn’t seen for years showed up Sunday and she heard from many more on Facebook and via cards and calls.

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Grace Haynes is still an employee at DeMoulin Brothers in the band uniform department.

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