KPD Board Approves Budget, Hears From Public

The Kingsbury Park District Board met Monday night and approved it’s budget for the 2021 fiscal year.

A public hearing was held on the budget and no one spoke about it.

Later in the meeting. District Director Jerry Sauerwein asked the board if budgeting $13,800 was enough for legal fees, since the fees have totaled $5,500 the first three months of the year.

The amount in the budget was not changed, with the thinking if legal fees exceed $13,800, then the board could transfer funds.

Sauerwein said the audit costs for the year will probably be at least $1,600 short of funds available. The board made no suggestions, so in that scenario, money would once again have to be transferred.

The board passed a motion to include chat files from the public in the minutes of past meetings that were held via Zoom.

The first hour of the meeting consisted of comments from the public, after learning the board had entered into an agreement with KEB auditors last month, to look into past bonuses received by Sauerwein.

C.J. Meyer, citizen and former commissioner, asked board members about past projects, and commended Sauerwein for his integrity and doing an “incredible job” for the district. He added the park board also has to assume responsibility.

The board currently has only three members, as two vacancies, due to resignations, have not been filled. It is supposed to have five members.

Meyer voiced concerns the vacancies were not filled when there were several who indicated they wanted to be on the board.

Tommy Simpson, past KPD board president and member, also said its sad people showed interest in the board seats, but the three people on it didn’t take action.

Kelsey Hopkins said regarding the investigation into the bonuses, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at the situation, and if there’s nothing to worry about, the party shouldn’t have to worry.

Current Board Member Scott Crothers said the board has been trying to hold the park district director accountable in getting information. He alleged, “the board has been repeatedly provided information from the director that is outright false, misleading or otherwise incomplete.”

Sauerwein later commented that to the best of his knowledge his allegations of a hostile work environment have never been investigated.

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