Masa Milling Now Operating In Industrial Park


It’s taken a few years, but Masa Milling is now in operation at the Howard Wolf Industrial Park in Greenville.

The company takes white corn and turns it into white corn flour to make tortillas and tortilla chips. The flour is trucked to another company facility for those items to be manufactured.

At this week’s Greenville City Council meeting, City Manager Dave Willey provided information about production starting. He said there are 11 employees currently and are looking to hire a few more. Willey said the factory is currently working one shift. Once the company gets to three shifts, which is the goal, there could be 3 dozen employees. According to the city manager, employees are cooking five to six thousand pounds an hour, which they expect to double eventually. He said a second shift could start this summer.

Click below to hear more from the city manager:

The company is based in Chicago and when it purchased the Greenville building it was known as Mollinero. It has invested about $9 million in the facility to get it ready to begin production.

Masa Milling will be a significant water user for Greenville.

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