MG Village Board Receives & Makes Payments


Meeting earlier this month, the Mulberry Grove Village Board learned the village recently received a reimbursement check from the federal CURES Act. The amount was $26,068.

It covers the added costs the village incurred to cope with the pandemic. All items submitted were approved.

The village has received its first payment from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency for the water line replacement project, which is currently underway. The amount was $110,000.

The money is being used to pay off a $100,000 bank loan and the rest for construction engineering costs to HMG.

In related matters, the board approved a pay request from Haier Plumbing, project contractor, for $244,708 for the first part of the work. The village will request that amount of loan money from IEPA.

It was reported the water line project is about 40 percent completed.

Board Member Dave Koonce suggested an Equipment Committee be formed.

Mayor Cherie Henson made Koonce chairman of the committee and appointed Mike Burlingame and Dennis Henrichsmeyer to it.

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