New Bond County Chief Probation Officer

The Bond County Probation Department staff on Jim Romack’s last day in office, March 5. His tenure as Chief Probation Officer began on April 4, 1994.

Bond County has a new chief probation officer, Deb Sewing.

Earlier this month, Jim Romack retired after serving as chief probation officer since April 4, 1994.

The probation department is part of the court system and is officially the Probation and Court Services Agency.

Resident Circuit Judge Chris Bauer commended Romack for his service, noting he carried out the duties of the office in a common sense way that affected many peoples’ lives.

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Sewing has been with the Bond County department for over 20 years. Judge Bauer said officials were happy to have someone that could step straight into the role and take over for Romack.

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The department will need to fill a probation officer vacancy.

Chief Officer Sewing’s staff currently includes Probation Officer Gina Boente and administrative personnel Cathy Sugg and Brooke Earnest.

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