Bank Customers Targeted By Offers

Recently customers of The FNB Community Bank have reported receiving an unsolicited mailing from companies in Texas offering home warranty policies and mortgage protection plans. Both mailings have FNB CMNTY BK prominently featured, which is giving the impression the letters are coming from the bank or there is an affiliation with the bank.

“We do not have a relationship with either American Home Protect, LLC or National Homeowner Services,” explained Sarah Phelps, loan officer at The FNB Community Bank. “Some of our customers have called and asked about the mailings, and we explain to them that we did not provide the companies with their contact information. Both businesses obtained these details through public records.”

There are statements in small print at the bottom of each mailing explaining the companies have no affiliation with a lending institution or mortgage company. Unfortunately, the size and location of this language can make it easy for the reader to overlook. Phelps noted similar mailings were received by FNB Community Bank customers about a year ago.

Another similarity in the mailings is the implied urgency. According to Phelps, “National Homeowners Services features the words ‘return promptly’ in bold letters, while the American Home Protect, LLC letter asks the recipient to contact them within 10 days.”

“Any time you receive something in the mail that appears to be from The FNB, but you have doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us,” said John Goldsmith, FNB marketing director. “I also encourage everyone to do their homework. If you have questions about these or any other companies, the Better Business Bureau website at is a good starting point.”

Chartered in 1865, The FNB Community Bank has locations in Vandalia, Ramsey, Patoka, Mulberry Grove, and Greenville.

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