Homefield Energy Letter Explained


Residents of Greenville received a letter in the mail this week from Homefield Energy.

For several years, the city has been part of a group of municipalities that obtain bids for energy prices. By seeking rates as a large group, they are usually very good.

The new fixed rate, which goes into effect June 1 and continues for 30 months, is .04948 cents per kilowatt hour, a very small increase of .00004 from the rate currently in use.

Greenville City Manager Dave Willey told WGEL the city’s current aggregation agreement expires June 1. As a result, Greenville officials along with those from 39 other communities attended an auction to get new pricing for the new 30-month time period, which will end in December 2023. The cost per kilowatt hour is negotiated in that group. Willey said officials are happy with the new number. He encourages residents to compare that rate with what they’ll see from Ameren in the near future. Nothing is required of the recipients of the letter. If you do nothing, you will see that rate reflected on your bill. You may, however, opt out of the program now or anytime over the next 30 months.

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Willey believes the competitive selection process has historically been good for citizens overall.

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The letter received this week lists terms and conditions of the program and more information can be found at HomefieldEnergy.com.

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