Unit Two Referendum


An advisory referendum is on the ballot in Bond County Community Unit 2 for the April 6 election.

It asks if the Unit 2 board should be authorized to issue bonds to fund phase two and future phases of its proposed improvement projects, resulting in real estate tax increases.

Superintendent Wes Olson has issued a fact sheet to voters regarding the referendum, which he notes was not placed on the ballot by the school district, but by private citizens.

It is an advisory referendum, so the results are non-binding.

Olson reported since health, life, and safety phase two bonds have already been issued and obligated through binding contracts, the school board cannot undo that action.

The superintendent indicated the board is authorized under the Illinois School Code to make building improvements for the health/life and safety of students, staff and visitors, and phase two bonds have already been lawfully issued and received.

According to Olson, the issuance of the phase two health, life, safety bonds does not automatically result in an increase in the district’s tax rate.

Those with questions can contact the superintendent at 664-0170.

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